Main Purpose

The Board of Trustees’ main purpose is to ensure healthy and sound governance for Mountaintop with a focus on its long-term strength. It serves in a strategic capacity, working in concert with the Head of School for the benefit of all Mountaintop children, families, and the generations to come. The trustees are dedicated volunteers drawn broadly from our community, including parents of current and former students, former administrators, alumni and others who bring fresh and independent perspectives to board discussions.

2020/21 Members

  • Sherri Tracinski Joined 5/17Chair
  • Amy Gardner Joined 5/15Vice Chair
  • Leigh Ann Carver Joined 12/15Secretary
  • Deirdre Thomas Joined 6/19Treasurer
  • Jessica Connelly Joined 12/19
  • Patricia Jessee Joined 6/20
  • Whitney Kestner Joined 5/16
  • Jarrod Markley Joined 5/17
  • Julie McClure Joined 10/20
  • Adam Mohr Joined 10/20
  • Grier Murphy Joined 5/16
  • Rob Ramsey Joined 6/20
  • Patricia Colby Ex Officio
  • Becky Harris Ex Officio
  • Trisha Willingham Ex Officio

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